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My name is Joe MacDonald, and I'm a sign-writer, muralist, and illustrator, based in Glasgow and the Highlands.


After an under-graduate degree in literature and film and an arts foundation course, I chanced upon seeing a sign being painted and realised sign-writing was a job. I've since studied the craft through courses, books, observing others, and practice. 


From large-scale imagery covering walls to a name written on a door, I provide affordable, durable, and beautiful hand-painted signage and murals appropriate for a wide variety of businesses and individuals.

A selection of signs and murals. Click on Portfolio to see a bunch more.


The toilet seat is under-rated. Not only as a seat, but as a canvas, and here at C MacDonald signs we aim to elevate it to its rightful place on both those counts. By combining the sign-writer's traditional techniques with the bounteous interactive possibilities of the toilet seat (and a little personal input from yourselves), we can do just that. No longer will the toilet be a place to simply ablute and reflect: it will be a place to remember your wedding, to smirk,  to reflect. No longer will you whip through the gross bathroom when giving tours of your house: you'll end up hanging out in there.  And no longer will your peers cruelly condemn your inordinately long visitations. They'll get it, and do the same.

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