My name is Joe MacDonald, and I'm a sign-writer, muralist, and illustrator, based in Glasgow and the Highlands.


After an under-graduate degree in literature and film and an arts foundation course, I chanced upon seeing a sign being painted and realised sign-writing was a job. I've since studied the craft through courses, books, observing others, and practice. 


From large-scale imagery covering walls to a name written on a door, I provide affordable, durable, and beautiful hand-painted signage and murals appropriate for a wide variety of businesses and individuals.

A selection of signs and murals. Click on Portfolio to see a bunch more.


The toilet seat is under-rated. Not only as a seat, but as a canvas, and here at C MacDonald signs we aim to elevate it to its rightful place on both those counts. By combining the sign-writer's traditional techniques with the bounteous interactive possibilities of the toilet seat (and a little personal input from yourselves), we can do just that. No longer will the toilet be a place to simply ablute and reflect: it will be a place to remember your wedding, to be smirked at, to laugh, and frankly, to admire the transcendence of art. No longer will you whip through the gross bathroom when giving tours of your house: you'll end up hanging out in there. And no longer will people snidely ask why you spent so long in the bathroom: they'll understand.